About Dark Horse Brewery

Dark Horse Brewing Co. opened in Marshall, MI on September 29, 1997, headed by owners Aaron and Bill “Wacky” Morse, with a shoestring budget and two goals: make damn good beer and give people a cool place to enjoy it. Cut to 16 years and a lot of beer later; our outward appearance and breadth of notoriety have changed, but our goal of purveying great beer and atmosphere hasn’t been compromised. We like to think of Dark Horse as a living and breathing compound encompassing our employees, brewery, taproom, general store, tattoo parlor, motorcycle shop, maple syrup company, spray foam insulation company, orchard, and cidery, along with the new Dark Horse Commons which houses a creamery, confectionery, coffee beanery and bakery!

In our first year of operation, we produced 400 barrels (each barrel amounts to 2 kegs) of beer, and had a fermentation capacity of 28 barrels. We operated in a 10’ x 50’ “brewery/hallway”, including packaging. We had three employees. Aaron Morse, the owner, was also the brewer, bartender and cook. The taproom had less than 40 seats and a modest beer garden. The taproom also had room for a pool table and guests! We weren’t quite as busy.

In the present, we produce 24,000 barrels, have a fermentation capacity of over 1,200 barrels, and now have a 15,000 sq. ft. production facility. We have 76 employees. Aaron operates equipment, generates ideas, builds stuff, runs the joint...and mumbles. The taproom has 104 seats and our beer garden can seat over 300. We no longer have room inside for a pool table with guests.

This year and beyond, our plans are as follows: we have a goal of producing 35,000 barrels in 2016, and 100,000 barrels by 2020. Aaron claims he’ll retire, but it’ll be a half- assed effort. Maybe we’ll build a room for a pool table?