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What: Staff Brew-Off and Ice Sculptures in the Beer Garten

When: Saturday, March 23rd

3pm to 9pm

About: Staff Members are paired in teams with one of our brewers to brew a beer. You get to try what they come up with & vote for your favorite!!!

Enjoy Ice Sculptures in the Beer Garten while you hunt for your favorite beer.

Be sure to dress for the weather because this is an outside event.

Winners of the competition will be announced at 8pm. The winning team will brew their beer on our brew house & their beer will be offered in the Taproom & Beer Festivals throughout 2019.

$20 at the door which includes 25 beer tickets (1 ticket = 2 ounce sample of beer), a DH logo tasting glass & 1 token to vote for your favorite beer. Over 25 beers to try!!!

THIS line-up!!!

Staff Brew-Off Competition Beers 2019

#1 If it’s Yellow, Let it Mellow. If it’s Brown…MMMM!!! (brewed with maple brown sugar and oats) – 7% ABV

#2 Cherry POW! – 4.75% ABV

#3 BonZai Tree IPA Lite – 4.6% ABV

#4 Clifford the Hemp Crusher Red Ale (red, hemp, hops) – 7.5% ABV

#5 Strawberry Vanilla Hop Cake DIPA (Double NE IPA with strawberries and vanilla) – 8% ABV

#6 Peaches and Dream Imperial Brown Ale (brewed with peaches and vanilla) – 8% ABV

#7 Double Reaper Peach IPA (brewed with roasted peaches and Carolina Reaper peppers) – 8% ABV

#8 ATOM COOKIE Imperial Stout (brewed with BBA maple syrup, cocoa nibs, coffee, vanilla and almond) – 9.5% ABV

#9 Number 9 is Fine Gose (salted cucumber lime Gose) – 5.2% ABV

#10 Hof’s Hef (Cherry Lime Hefeweizen) – 4 % ABV

#11 Cherry Crack (BBA Imperial Chocolate Cherry Stout) – 11% ABV

#12 Sour RAZ Kidz (Raspberry Sour) – 5.3% ABV

#13 Strawberry DumDum (Strawberry Cream Ale) – 6% ABV

#14 Lean on Me Apple Cinnamon Ale (lightly hopped ale brewed with honey, cinnamon and blended with apple wine) – 8% ABV

#15 Bread Winner (IPA brewed with sourdough toast, orange & lime) – 6.5% ABV

#16 Baker St. Baltic Porter (Baltic porter brewed with speculoos cookies, spices and Belgian candy sugars) – 8% ABV

#17 Skide Freskner Oatmeal Stout (stout brewed with peaches and cream oatmeal and peach puree) – 7.5% ABV

#18 DBK IPA (dry hopped with Lemondrop & Mosaic hops) – 7% ABV

#19 Cinna-PUNK-Onut Steam (California Common brewed with coconut, cinnamon & oak) – 7% ABV

#20 Prop 1 NE IPA (tastes like FREEDOM!!!) – 7% ABV

#21 Hot Baller NE IPA (brewed with cucumber, melon & hot pepper) – 7% ABV

#22 Kiss MY Peaches Ale (sour peach ale with wild yeast) – 5% ABV

#23 Pina-Coco-Loco NE IPA (IPA brewed with coconut and pineapple) – 4.5% ABV

#24 Aida’s Grapefruit NE IPA (grapefruit and hazey) – 5% ABV
#25 Nobody’s Favorite Beer – 5% ABV

#26 Pull Off the Peel and Pour Chocolate on it Banana Hefeweizen - 5% ABV