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Annual 4 Elf Party 2018

Saturday, December 8th
Door Open at 11am
$5 at the door or FREE to those who come dressed as their interpretation of an ELF
Specialty bottle releases, exotic food buffet & live music

Here is the beer release list for 4 Elf 2018!!!

BRMBA Bourbon, Rum Maple Barrel Aged Plead the Fifth Imperial Stout – 14% ABV
Not only did this beer play in a Bourbon Barrel for patent pending amount of time, but it also stayed a copy righted amount of time in a Rum Barrel and then after all that play time it had to do a trademarked stint in a Maple Bourbon Barrel. So think of the flavors and complexity of BBA Plead the Fifth and then imagine the added flavors from its time in the Rum Barrel and then the best part the flavors and aromas its trademarked stint in the Maple Bourbon Barrel, which we aged maple syrup we make at Dark Horse Farms, located about 7 miles northeast of Marshall. This Beer is a treat for sure, so it’s time to stop thinking about it and be sure you get one.

Peaches and Double Cream in my Pants – 10% ABV
Double Cream with Peaches is hard for anyone to deny. Funny thing is that’s what we were thinking back in 2013 when we did the first version of this beer for the MBG Summer Beer Fest. This time around things are a little different, a little more “Peachy” if you will. We doubled up the malt and changed the hop in it morphing it into a NEIPA meets Great Lakes Juice Beer, Meets Milkshake IPA and oh yeah, “Peaches for you, and Peaches for me” and even a Peach for Peace in there now. Peaches are employed in the initial fermentation stage as well as post fermentation at a silly amount along with a stock pile of Mosaic Hops giving aromas and flavors so smooth we recommend a backup pair of pants… Stay Peachy out there!

“20” – 9.3% ABV
In 5 versions………and the fun part is you will not know what version you get until after you get it and then and only then will it reveal itself to you and which version it is. So when you order this beer, we will grab it randomly from the “20” pallet and cover it with a brown paper bag so no one can see what it is until you receive it and remove it from the brown paper sack. This beer is very limited. For those of you that do get one, we hope you enjoy our anniversary ale. It’s 20 years of ups, downs. Winning of medals, being let down from not winning medals, friendships with all the great people in the craft industry, knowledge from 20 years of “if we didn’t know how, we either figured it out or winged it”, majority of the brewers that either worked at, collaborated with, apprenticed under, answered questions, for the important people in our lives that are no longer with us, helped us or we helped them and some of the best 20 years of a lot of our lives rolled up into a kickass, chewy, complex, with more flavors than the tongue can handle, dark as night, and the best anniversary beer ever made. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed the past 20+ of growing a small dream, a place that 100+ people and family work at and provides for, because businesses and breweries are more than the beer or the name and logo on the building, packaging or sign. We are a group of people that love what we do and work hard to make a product people will enjoy and make them happy whether it be for a moment or a lifetime because it is those people that make it all possible. We all thank you all from the top of the full glass for the past “20” years and look forward to continuing to do what we do. Cheers – Aaron, Kristine, Remee, Cally Morse and the whole Dark Horse Crew

Maple ATE ALF Winter Warmer – 11% ABV Double Maple 4 Elf Winter Warmer, everything DOUBLED except for the water. This year we decided that instead of doing the same 4 Elf every year that we put out into the market, that we would do a different deviation of it every year. This year we decided to make Maple 4 Elf Winter Warmer. We added maple syrup that we produce at Dark Horse Farms. Dark Horse Farms is located about 7 miles northeast of the brewery. The farm grows apple, pears, apricots, blueberries, strawberries, has 13 acres of hops being put in, gourmet mushrooms, numerous vegetables that we supply our Taproom kitchen and numerous other restaurants. We also produce all the maple syrup we use in our beers, sell in bulk or bottle to sell retail in our General Store or wholesale to stores, bars, breweries and restaurants.
I would have to say after all the years of making this beer, that this is the best 4 Elf we have produced. It is a great beer and the maple syrup helps bring it all together while not making it too sweet so it is cloying on the tongue. Well that is regular 4 Elf I have been telling you about…….this is Double Maple ATE ALF Winter Warmer. We did everything we did when making regular 4 Elf but this time we doubled everything except the water to produce a huge, super complex, High ABV Winter Warmer and a true double at that. This is not an Imperial. This is a true double where we actually doubled every ingredient except the water. We hope you enjoy and obviously you can also enjoy this beer at next Christmas time as well because it will cellar wonderfully.

The Third Elf Stole a peppermint candy and got Cardamom in his Eye - 8.75% ABV
Classic 4 Elf brewed with peppermint and cardamom

The First Elf Ate a Ginger Root and Got Hit in the Head by a Drive By Fruiting – 8.75% ABV
Classic 4 Elf brewed with Fresh Ginger Root and orange

Birdwatcher Coconut Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Aged Blueberry Stout – 12% ABV
Shhhhhhhhh, smell that? Swooping in like a bird of prey on your senses this stout starts with the viewing of course, being as black as the eye of The Great Curassow is not a mistake. Believe what you see, this beer is a STOUT! Moving carefully into the deep jungle of aroma there is a fork in the road of sensory searching, do you follow the McCaw to the sweet toasted coconut or are you more of a Short-Legged Ground Roller type and like to keep your nose around the vanilla beans of Madagascar? Either way your nose takes you, the blueberry in this beer treats you like every other migratory bird it deals with and comes through highly favored throughout the complexities of this beer with a healthy mouthfeel, and nuances of all facets including a smooth finish with slight oak and a bourbon that is a most excellent complement to the vanilla and coconut. This could be a Lifer to add another tick to your list but will definitely be a treat to any and all craft beer Twitchers that get their hands on it and we all will look forward to keeping our eyes to the sky as each bottle of this rare batch is appreciated preferably without binoculars.

Hands, Feet and Mangoes NEIPA – 5.0% ABV 
Great Lakes Juice Beer is what we were thinking about when this beer hit the brew house for sure. With hazy IPA’s being nothing new to us here at Dark Horse in the last 20 years this one felt a little like turning back the clock for us. This hazy IPA with Mango added is one we hope is a beer for everyone. A cloudy orange appearance with a fluffy white head and aromas of tropical fruit like hops and of course Mango hit you from across the room with this beer perking the senses as if sunlight just hit your eyes. Moving through flavors of an intense hop bill and a splash of mango in the flavor and finish of this beer allows one to be tranquil and serene at least until DH runs out of supplies. We hope you enjoy this offering and hey with the first one in your hand we agree that you’re a Genius anyway!

We may have a couple more releases that are dancing in the cellar...so stay tuned!!! Order forms, limits, pricing & draft list coming soon.


FRIDAY (12/7/18):

*No one is to enter the Beer Garten to line up for bottle release order form until 11AM. Attempt to do so will result in removal from the property

*You will be entering the Beer Garten through the eastern garage door at the end of the parking lot. Again, no lining up. Garage door will open at 11AM

* Please park you cars in the grass parking lot on the south side of Pearl Street, so there is some parking available for Taproom customers.

*Bottle sharing is allowed in the Beer Garten. Please be sure to pick up after yourself. Trash and bottle recycling receptacles will be placed throughout. No open beer bottles/cups are allowed in any of the parking lots...Beer Garten ONLY!!!

*We will be offering tours Friday afternoon on the hour from Noon to 4PM. 15 people max per tour. For $15, it includes a tour of the Production Facility, a tasting of 6 beers in our VIP Lounge and a DH logo pint glass. Please see a Taproom Staff member to arrange.

*No being disrespectful, cutting or line jumping or you will be removed from the premises. General rule of thumb is to NOT be an asshole. No saving a spot in line for your buddy. There must be a physical body in line

*We will start handing out order forms and matching bracelets in numerical order at 6PM on Friday. Please fill out your order form so that it is legible and hand it in ASAP. You cannot change your order once it is submitted because it screws over the people behind you. Any attempt to do so will result in the forfeit of your order We will start putting orders together as soon as the order forms start rolling in.

*We will still be handing out order forms throughout the night. Security will be present in the Beer Garten throughout Friday to Saturday night

SATURDAY (12/8/18):

*Entrance into the party will be at 11AM at the garage door on the east end of the Taproom parking lot or the back entrance off north side of Pearl Street

*$5 at the door or FREE if you come dressed as an elf. You will be able to get/buy your entrance bracelet and buy beer tickets ($4.75 each or 5 for $22) at any of the Compound businesses (Dark Horse Commons-opens at 6am, General Store-opens at 10am, Dark Alley Motorcycle Shop/Shaded Pony Woodworks-opens at 10am, Taproom, main entrance to the party (eastern end of the Taproom parking lot) & back entrance (north side of Pearl Street) -open at 11am

*In the Annex (garage after you come through the main entrance) we will be selling 4 Elf Party t-shirts for $20 and beer tickets ($4.75 each or 5 for $22). You can also pick up & fill out a Bottle Release Order Form there until 7pm Saturday

*There will be a smaller draft beer station in the shed in the Beer Garten and the larger draft station in the heated tent. Exotic food samples will be in the tent

*We will be offering tours Saturday afternoon on the hour from Noon to 5PM. 15 people max per tour. For $15, it includes a tour of the Production Facility, a tasting of 6 beers in our VIP Lounge and a DH logo pint glass. Please see a Taproom Staff member to arrange.

*Order pick-up will start at 10AM at the eastern garage door of the Ridiculous Department (yellow pole barn) on the north side of Pearl Street starting with order 1 - 50 and the next 50 at 10:30AM and so on. Orders MUST be picked up no later than 8PM. You cannot change your order once it is submitted because it screws over the people behind you. Any attempt to do so will result in the forfeit of your order. PLEASE CHECK YOUR ORDER AND MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT BEFORE HEADING TO YOUR CAR. ONCE YOU HAVE LEFT THE PURCHASE AREA, WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ORDER ISSUES.

* Order forms will be available all day until 7pm and can be picked up and filled out at the Annex where beer tickets & t-shirts are being sold

*Limited (first come, first serve) Bus/RV parking will be available on the north side of Pearl Street past the Ridiculous Department (yellow pole barn)


BRMBA Plead the Fifth Imperial Stout: 
144 cases - 3456 Bottles – 864 -4pks – 10.45 bbls – 324 gallons – 41,472 oz

Peaches and Double Cream in my Pants Ale Great Lakes Juice Beer:
120 cases – 480 6pks – 2880 bottles – 34,560 oz – 270 gallons – 8.71 bbl, - 34,561 oz

2018 “20” Anniversary Ale:
180 bottles – 2,282 oz – 17.83 gallons

Maple ATE Alf Winter Warmer Ale:
180 cases – 1080 4pks – 4320 bottles – 51,840 oz – 405 gallons – 13.1 bbls

Birdwatcher Coconut BBA Blueberry Stout:
216 cases – 1296 4pks – 5184 bottles – 62,208 oz – 486 gallons – 15.68 bbls

Hands, Feet and Mangoes NEIPA:
54 cases – 216 6pks – 1296 cans – 15,552 – 121.5 gallons – 3.92 bbls

The 3rd Elf Stole a Peppermint Candy and got Cardamom in his Eye Winter Warmer Ale:
72 cases – 456-4 pk – 1824 bottles – 21,888 oz – 171 gallons - 5.5 barrels

The 1st Elf Ate a Ginger Root and Got Hit in the Head By a Drive By Fruiting Winter Warmer Ale:
72 cases – 456-4 pk – 1824 bottles – 21,888 oz – 171 gallons - 5.5 barrels

Bourbon Barrel Aged Scotty Karate Scotch Ale:
72 cases – 432 4pks – 1728 bottles – 20,736 oz – 162 gallons – 5.22 bbls

Bourbon Barrel Amaretto Scotty Karate:
216 cases – 1296- 4pks – 5184 bottles – 62,208 oz, - 486 gallons – 15.68 bbls

Scarier Jesus Rock Star Apricot Chamomile Imperial Pale Ale:
82 cases - 328 6pks - 1,968 bottles - 23,616 oz. - 184.5 gallons - 5.95 bbls

***For those of you that want to know why there is no BBA Plead the 5th:

We have decided that we will be releasing BBA Plead the 5th into all of our markets with a target month of April from here on out. We will continue to push out fun and exciting beers including a deviation of BBA Plead the 5th every year for our 4 Elf Party.


Here is a sample of the order form for our beer releases. They will be dispersed at 6pm in order by number down the line on Friday and available to fill out on Saturday.

4elf front.jpg
4 elf back.jpg