OK, folks, this is the skinny dip on how you may be able to get your frosty mitts on a Dark Horse Mug Club Mug at 8am on Saturday, December 16th.

At 8am sharp we will start letting groups of 10 in by order in line to select and purchase a mug and membership (please line up in the Beer Garten at southern Taproom door). The Taproom will be open for beer and breakfast during this time as well. One mug per pass through without exception.

Mug Cost: $60 for a lifetime membership (we have the right to revoke membership), punch card & first fill. Approximately 100 available for purchase.

Breakfast Menu:
-Wood Fired Eggs Benedict Pizza
-Sausage & Gravy Pizza

**Special Note: Those with broken, lost or stolen mugs, whether ours, yours or some asshole’s fault, you will be able to come in from 9am – 5pm Monday 12-11-16 to Friday 12-15-16. If you want your mug replaced, you need to be here or contact