4 Elf Logistics and Details:

4 Elf Logistics and Details:


Please use parking lots around the Taproom or in the field across the Production Facility off of Pearl Street. Fastenal and Marshall Advisor across South Kalamazoo from the DH compound will be available for parking as well. Staff will be onsite to help direct you for parking.


You will NOT be able to enter the Beer Garten until 11am on Friday, December 9th.

On Friday, December 9th at 6:00pm sharp in the Beer Garten, we will be passing out order forms and matching numbered bracelets in numerical order (i.e if you are the first person…your order form and bracelet will have a #1 on it, if you are the 66th person…your order form and bracelet will have a #66 on it, etc.) and will continue to hand them out as people arrive ALL night long. Once you receive your order form, you can fill it out, hand it in and take bottom receipt with you (please keep that with you at all times and do not lose it).

We are hoping to eliminate lines by handing out order forms as soon as you arrive after 6pm on Friday (we know that most likely won’t be possible, but we are hoping). However, we know that there are many of you whom enjoy hanging out in the Beer Garten and sharing brews together. We will still allow this and keep the Beer Garten open for you all night long. Feel free to find a comfortable spot in the Beer Garten, share homebrews and stories. Please refrain from alcohol consumption in any parking lots. Glass recycling and trash containers will be made available throughout, so please be sure to take care of your trash!!! Staff will be on-hand to answer any questions and provide direction!!!

Doors for the actual 4 Elf Party will open at 11:00 am on Saturday, December 10th at the east end of the Taproom parking lot through the Beer Garten. The cover charge is $5.00 or free to those who come dressed as their interpretation of an elf. Don’t forget to bring your copy of your order form with order # and that you are wearing your matching numeric bracelet!!!! At 10:00 am we will begin order payments and pick up. We will begin this process in order # sequence. For example from 10:00 am to 10:30 am we will be taking payments (cash or credit card) and order pick-ups for order #’s 1 – 50. There will be a sign and announcements throughout the day letting customers know when they are able to pick-up and pay for their order to reduce time waiting in line!!! This will take place outside the production facility (east side garage door) of the Ridiculous Department (large puke yellow pole barn off of Pearl Street.) We will also allow you to pull your car around to that area to load your order, if need be. Order numbers ready for pick up will be announced throughout the day!!! So….please enjoy the party!!! The beer you are purchasing has to do with your order number and not you standing in line!!!!

We will still be taking order throughout the day on the 10th at the front entrance to the party, however, we cannot promise that everything you are hoping for will be available.

Draft Beer:

There will be draft beer stations located in the heated tent. Draft beer will need to be purchased through tickets. Each ticket is worth one beer. Buy 1 ticket for $4.25 or 5 tickets for $21.00 (cash or credit card). There will be ticket stations to purchase draft beer tickets. All specialty bottled beers that are for sale will be on draft, plus many others (around 50 in total)!!!

Here is the Draft List:

1 Ticket 8 ounce pours:

1 Hot Black Leather RIS
2 Rauchmatic Rauchbier
3 Hipster Whisperer - The Lumberjack IPA
4 Hipster Whisperer - The Biker IPA
5 Hipster Whisperer - The Bookworm IPA
6 Tropikill Citra Dry-Hopped Stout
7 Overkill Coconut Infused Stout
8 No Class IPA
9 Stay Clean Pilsner
10 Junkyard Dong Hefeweizen
11 Titty Twister Kettle Sour Dry Hopped with Citra & Mosaic
12 Saison Le Mon
13 Pope's Milk Creeam Ale
14 Dubbel Tamy Belgian Dubbel
15 Interloper Stout
16 The Bomber Kettle Sour Brewed with Orange and Lemon Peel
17 Double Crooked Tree IPA (2016)
18 Plead the 5th RIS
19 Nitro Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th RIS
20 216 Bourbon Barrel Plead the 5th
21 Rum Barrel 4 Elf Winter Ale
22 Bourbon Barrrel Scotty Karate
23 Smells Like a Double Michgan Safety Meeting IPA
24 Quadtum Leap IPA
25 3 Pairs of Legs Bourbon Barrel Maple Porter
26 6 Pairs of Legs Maple Bourbon Barrel Maple Porter

1 Ticket 16 ounce pours:

27 Crooked Tree IPA
28 Raspberry Ale
29 Boffo Brown Ale
30 Reserve Special Black Ale
31 Scotty Karate Scotch Ale
32 Amber Ale
33 JAA Raspberry Black Ale
34 Barracuda Blue
35 4-Elf Winter Ale
36 Homo Sapient Cherry Trippel
37 Tres Blueberry Stout
38 Too Cream Stout
39 CoffPA
40 Sarsparilla 6 Stout
41 Hong Yu's Heart of Red Gold Saison
42 Nuptuale
43 High C's Harvest Ale
44 Lil J
45 Kamikaze Kaleidoscope Wit
46 Crooked Theratree Black IPA
47 Misery Whip Amber Ale
48 Joe's Neighborhood Amber Ale
49 Workin' Bridges Brown Ale
50 Fore Smoked Stout

Exotic Food:

Light appetizers will begin around 11:00 am and more food will increasingly come out throughout the day and evening! Please remember there will be a lot of people that would like to try things, so go easy on your plate.

Live Music:


Risky Brenda


Tino Gross

Heathen Daniels Band


Bottle Releases:

2016 BBA Plead the 5th RIS

2015 BBA Plead the 5th RIS

BourbRUM (Plead the 5th aged in Bourbon and Rum barrels)

2016 Rum BA 4 Elf Winter Warmer

BBA 3 Pair of Legs Maple Porter

BBA and Maple Syrup BA 6 Pairs of Legs Maple Porter

Here is the example order form (we will hand out numbered order forms on Friday the 9th at 6pm in the Beer Garten)!!! We will be adding details for 12-13-14 and will post quantities of each beer and a draft list at the end of the week.

PLEASE MAKE NOTE: When you hand in your order form, you have committed to that order. Changing your mind when you pick up and pay screws over the people behind you. If you do so, your whole order will be forfeited.

Looking forward to this year's 4 Elf Party and elfing around with you all! Cheers!