Zhaftig Ghastly Pale Stout
8.0 % ABV in this unassuming brew, pale in color makes the first thought of this beer that it will be some sort of IPA or a fruited pale ale like those DH peeps like to pull off. But no!!! Aromas of Roast, Coffee, Chocolate and Vanilla leave way to a full bodied pale ale that finishes dry and somewhat astringent like a stout would drink. Lots of fun to be had with this beer as it should make people think twice about what sort of beer they have in their hand let alone how and the hell did we make a beer look one way and taste another...that's our secret and for the public to try and figure out right...8.0% ABV, 20.2 IBU.

120 cases: 2 - 6 pack limit - $11.99 per 6 pack

Rubescent Zhaftig Ghastly Blood Stout
Have you ever looked at something that you were going to eat or drink and it tastes nothing what it looks like? Well we made a beer that we think is sure to bend some minds. A 10.5% "Blood" Stout is what we came up with. Bright red in color this beer begs you to think you are getting into some sort of fruit beer with lots of red raspberries or cherries and things like that, but don't let your eyes deceive you because this is a stout! Aromas of roasted coffee and chocolate hit the nose for the first deception which is followed by a full bodied and rich tasting stout qualities. As the bigger version of our pale stout we figured why not make it "Blood" red just for one more layer of how and why to add to this family of beers. Have fun figuring this one out...10.5% ABV, 24.4 IBU.

116 cases: 2 - 4 pack limit - $13.99 per 4 pack

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