Praise Scary Jesus Rock Star, it’s finally time to sell mugs, just in time for JC’s Birthday!

Lost, Broken, Stolen or otherwise missing mugs:

Friday, December 19:  From 9-11am, or Saturday, December 20:  From

10am-11am anyone who has a lost, stolen, broken or otherwise missing mug may come in to get theirs replaced.  If you broke it, you will pay $30.00 for its replacement; if we broke it or it is otherwise missing, we will replace it.  You WILL NOT be allowed to purchase any more mugs at this time, with no exceptions.  If you want to buy another mug for whomever, you will have to wait in line on Saturday with everyone else.


New Mug Purchases:

Saturday, December 20:  We will be handing out numbered tokens beginning at 7am-all this represents is your place in line, not a guarantee of a mug.  We have approximately 270 mugs total, with the total for sale to the public dependent upon how many go to people with missing mugs.  It will probably be right around 200.  Mugs are $60 each, and each person in line may only get one mug.  Period.  Do not even ask to get a token for your friend who can’t be here because he is getting a new liver or use any other cockamamie sob story.  Save the tears.


Mugs will go on sale at Noon.  We will call people to line up at the back door of the taproom in the beer garden by token number, ten at a time, starting at 11:45.  If you are not in line when we admit you to the mug area YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SPOT.  Remember, you will have to stand outside for at least a little while, so dress accordingly.




The Taproom will open at 7AM with a full complement of beers and BREAKFAST-Biscuits and gravy, biscuits and gravy pizza, biscuits and gravy pizza with bacon, omelette pizza, etc., so you won’t have to stay outside for too long, depending on what time you crazy motherfuckers start lining up.


Thank you for your continued support and Drink Michigan Beer!