The next batch of mugs will go on sale in the taproom on Saturday, December 7 starting at noon.  

To join DHBC’s Mug Club, it is a one-time fee of $46.00 and the first fill is free with the purchase of a new mug.  You will also receive a punch card…every 6th punch earns you a $.50 fill. 

 At 7am, IN THE BEER GARDEN, we will be distributing approximately 200 “tokens” which signify your spot in line-THEY DO NOT GUARANTEE A MUG!  

After doing a full mug inventory and replacing lost, stolen or broken mugs, we expect to have about 200 for sale to the general public, hence, the approximate 200 tokens.  After the lost, stolen, etc. mugs are “sold”, we will have a much better idea of how many mugs will be for sale, and will inform those with numbers that probably won’t get a mug.  

Starting at around 11:45 those with tokens will line up according to token number in the beer garden and ten at a time will be let in to purchase mugs.  If you are not in line when your number is called, you will lose your spot in line for the rest of the day.  You will not be allowed to cut somewhere later in line. Each person will only be allowed to get ONE TOKEN.  

You may not get one for your husband who is meeting you later, etc.  For those with missing, lost, broken or stolen mugs, you will are eligible to come in from 10am-11:30am on the same Saturday to have your mug replaced-not the day before, not a week before, etc.  The cost to you will depend on whether you broke your mug accidentally, you broke it being a klutz, if we broke it, or if it is simply lost or stolen.There will be no early sales, no insider sales and no bullshit.  This is the only way to be fair to all who want to be part of the Mug Club.  And, yes, we know “you come here all the time and just can’t make it that day”.  

Sorry, we wish we could accommodate everyone.  The taproom and General Store will be open for business at 7:00 a.m. as well, and we will be serving a limited breakfast along with our regular pizzas.  Oh, yeah, and beer.See you on the 7th for the Free-For-All!