We wanted to thank everyone that came out to the Crawfish Boil this year. We apologize for the weather, food line and how long it took. We have never in 15 years had people use boxes, tupperware containers, or large aluminum trays, which is why the line took so long. Next year all participants will get a commemorative serving plate either at the door or at the food "lines" that they can fill up once and come back as many times as they want. We will also station attendants at the tables to keep people moving and making sure people are only filling their plate once while at a food table. There will also be satellite food tables in different areas to keep lines from getting too long. We cooked more Crawfish and in a shorter time than ever, but just could not keep up with the portion sizes being taken. Which we also understand that the people that had to stand in line a long time wanted "their share" but it was a snowball effect that we just couldn't keep up with. 

We will do our best to fix the situation and want all to know our goal is to make everyone's time at Dark Horse a good one and we work really hard to do so. The last thing we want is long lines and people waiting and we work hard at all our events to try and minimize that. Thanks again for all your support over the years.

- Aaron, Kristine and Cally Morse.