Smells Like a Citra Safety Meeting IPA

A new addition to the Smells Like family this IPA uses the same malt profile as our seasonal IPA called Smells Like a Safety Meeting and clocks in at 8.5% ABV.  Instead of the proprietary hop blend we like so much in the original Smells Like a Safety Meeting, we removed all of the hops and replaced them with Citra hops giving this beer a very citrus forward nose and flavor profile. 

Crooked Theratree Black IPA

Black in color with malt and hop aromas this beer is a lot of fun but may make you think twice about what is going on while you enjoy it.  Employing more malt than any other IPA in this pack this beer has a solid mouthfeel but continues to remind you of the hop presence with pleasant aromas and a smooth dry finish.  Doctor recommendation is to drink two and get another 12 pack as needed.

CoffPA Coffee IPA

Roasty aromas of freshly brewed Dark Street coffee roasted right here at Dark Horse Brewing company make this beer a very fun beer to drink.  With fruity undertones from the coffee blending with the citrus profile of the high amount of hops used in this IPA it is just plain fun to enjoy.